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Change to the Kerberos Infrastructure

Date of Change:

1st February for Quattor managed machines

2nd February for Yum managed (desktop) machines


A scheduled migration of the Kerberos infrastructure will commence Tuesday 01st February. Although no interruption is expected for the majority of users, please see the side link or the following URL for testing and troubleshooting information:

More details:

As announced at October’s IT Users Meeting, managed machines are to be switched to use a new Kerberos realm for authentication. This will be triggered by the update of the lcm-profile package.

The change has been in desktop testing since mid December and will be transparent for the majority of users.

Although machines which do not receive this update can continue to use Kerberos for authentication, some users may be affected in the following areas, and will need to follow the FAQ linked below in order to resolve their problems:


  • -          Password free, Kerberized ssh login
  • -          Acrontab
  • -          Those using dual-boot operating systems
  • -          Other Kerberos related errors


If the problems described above are encountered, please check the FAQ page.

If you are concerned whether you might be affected, please follow the FAQ’s Testing section before the 02/02/11.

If you are unable to resolve your problem, or want more information, please contact


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